Hey Hey Hey guyz and gurlz! Spazz here to check in. So how goes it out here on the interwebs? Good I hope. Life for me has been chill lately, haha. In all Seriousness this is not Spazz, but Kage his older brother. Now be truthful, did I sound like my brother? Our dear Spazz has gotten himself in trouble once again. I wont go into the whole story but let me tell you he defended Loki from  group of thugs and things got rough. so I will make a post form this time and let you into my world. Being the eldest of our Little trio is not easy for one as myself. Already we have to deal with how society treats beings like us. Then my little brother Spazz has to go off and get in trouble. If only he knew what his actions have caused in the past maybe him would simmer down and not have people wanting to put us down. I should probably save these stories for another time. Well I must be off, Spazz is getting ready to go to school, an Loki is just being himself. Now im going to go get some tea and relax. farewell to you all



hey y’all! it’s Spazz, so how is everything going in you parts of life? I’m doing ok. So I’m sitting with my brothers, and our small group of friends and Kage asks me about this blog. I tell him it’s going ok but to be truthful it’s not. :( but I’m optimistic :) So I’ll jut keep posting and if someone finally asks a question I will answer anything.

…Oh and before I forget, I passed that test I mentioned in a past post. ^-^   so until next post! Bye



Waz up to all y’all, Spazz here! So I met my college instructor again. We talked about the up coming tests. It was only a matter time before he asked me about my appearance. He thought that it was just a costume. So I let him play with my fur and ears. Now keep in mind I’ve only had two classes so far. But when it finally sunk in that I’m not in a costume he nearly fell over. It’s funny when this happens because there aren’t that many anthropomorphic animals walking around and when you finally meet one the reactions are the best. Kage doesn’t think so though, he thinks we should hide from the world and be fearful of it. I’m sick of hiding that’s why in going to college…. Sorry! ^_^ just a little off track. Well I got to study up a bit for my test. Later guyz and girlz!
- Spazz


Hey everyone, it’s Spazz here! So I brought a girl to my current address, and we just hung out for awhile. She met my brothers. Kage doesn’t seem to like her and Loki was so out of it I don’t think he realizes what was even happening. We are going to hangout some more next week! :) Also she has classes at the same college that I’m attending. And before anyone asks her name is Alice. Well I got to go Kage is pissed about something again, got to calm him down before anything bad happens. Bye!

What’s up! Spazz here to let you know that we are up to 8 followers!!! ^_^ I’m also here to let everyone know that I might be getting a job! If that’s true they I might just post some pics of me goofing off. Until next time,

So a good friend of mine told me about how Netflix now has the first 2 seasons of the original DIGIMON. I couldn’t believe it! I am sooo happy that I can’t even begin to explain what I’m feeling! :) when Digimon first aired back in 1999 I was also watching and playing Pokemon, as well as monster rancher. :) I’m watching it right now and I’m being reminded of all the Digimon items I had and how much I would give to be digidestined. I had everything from the original digivice to an agumon costume. I had a good portion of the merchandise from generation 2 to generation 3. Going back and watching it again makes me feel old and sad that those awesome years will never return. Well until next time,
- Spazz

Salutations! Spazz here! Sorry for not posting in awhile. I have been working on a park full of dinosaurs. So far it has been awesome! If your wondering what I’m talking about its the Jurassic Park game for mobile devices. Now I’m Gona head back to the park and get me some more Dino’s. later!

P.S. some big news is Gona be coming up soon hopefully. I try to keep you all posted! Bye!
- Spazz

…….hi everyone, it’s me Loki. We the Da Wolf brothers would like to thank our friend….. Beautifullyheeled ….for the shout out. She is one of the reasons why my brother Spazz made this blog. Now….. I’m gonna go back to dreaming now… See ya later everyone…..